SHIRKHAN introduces The Netherlands to real Mumbai Street Food

Yossi Eliyahoo – owner of the cosmopolitan venues IZAKAYA, MOMO and The Butcher (West) – created the first real Mumbai streetfood concept in The Netherlands, resulting in a surprising Mumbai streetfood menu with authentic Indian products and tandoor cooking. Indian-style chicken and lamb is cooked inside the impressive gold mosaic tandoor oven and wrapped in freshly made Naan bread with different toppings. SHIRKHAN brings the buzz of Mumbai streets, the flavours of Indian cuisine and the smells of Mumbai markets to the Foodhallen in Amsterdam West (De Hallen Amsterdam).

Before the opening of SHIRKHAN at the Foodhallen in Amsterdam, Indian cuisine was hard to find in The Netherlands. Yossi Eliyahoo – the creator and owner of SHIRKHAN, The Butcher (West), IZAKAYA and MOMO – found his inspiration for SHIRKHAN in London, where quality Indian food is served in almost every part of the city. He used this opportunity of SHIRKHAN to introduce The Netherlands to the unique flavours of tandoor cooking and Indian streetfood.

At SHIRKHAN a rich selection of authentic Mumbai streetfoods is served with fresh and homemade products from the tandoor. Kebabs with Indian-style chicken and lamb, roti, chutney and salads are prepared on the spot and are wrapped in Naan Bread. Every wrap is full of Indian flavours and served at affordable prices. The typical Indian meat and wrap-like Naan bread is cooked in a traditional tandoor oven. The handmade clay oven with gold mosaic gives a unique flavour to the meat, giving it a distinctive and delicious taste.

SHIRKHAN is situated next to The Butcher West in the international food market the Foodhallen, at a prime location in Amsterdam West. This indoor market is the perfect place for people to enjoy different food concepts on the spot. When visiting the renovated historical tram depot, now called Foodhallen, guests can choose from a diverse selection of signature dishes. SHIRKHAN is a valuable addition to the international food offer at Foodhallen and it brings the buzz of Mumbai streets, the flavours and smells of Indian markets to the Foodhallen.