A companion by day, a hunter by night. A gentleman, a merciless lover. A jetsetter and a local. It is this duality, this constant battle of extremes that is MR PORTER. Cosmopolitan yet familiar. Extravagant yet modest.

MR PORTER fearlessly explores the borders between dinner and sinner. In the heart of Amsterdam; the capital of sinful saints and saint-like sinners. His mansion, the penthouse of the Exchange building and the former telecom headquarters, neighbouring the Royal Palace and its backyard, Dam Square. The historic building, now also home to the luxury W Hotel, has always been a place of connections.

MR PORTER is a unique concept that artfully blends qualities of the modern steakhouse with the buzz and experience of a chic lounge, offering a dynamic, fine dining experience with superior quality in all aspects of the words. MR PORTER distinguishes itself by emphasising the social experience and taking a vibe-driven approach to fine dining. The venues DJ creates an infectious, high-energy atmosphere while the sleek environment with its signature island bar is designed to encourage guests to interact and mingle. Ultimately, MR PORTER aims to redefine the modern dining experience with its blend of incredible flavours, world-class service and the perfect ambiance.