Creative mastermind and entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo, owner of The Entourage Group, made his debut in The Netherlands in 2008. With MOMO, originator of high-end Asian cuisine and impeccable design in Amsterdam, Yossi defined a new standard for the Dutch hospitality industry. Now MOMO is still always moving forward, always raising the bar and always finding new ways to tell the story of timeless quality.

The creation of MOMO established Asian flavours and shared fine dining in Amsterdam, once considered groundbreaking in The Netherlands. With his unique view on hospitality, fed by the culinary creativity of his former home of London, Eliyahoo created not just another high-end restaurant, but a unique experience of food and design. The MOMO “family” is always striving for perfection; sparing no effort to obtain the very best products the world has to offer. From the decorations on the walls to the array of beautiful ingredients with each their own particular palate.

The MOMO menu
The menu of MOMO consist of subtile Asian flavours with the sophistication of Western cuisine. Highly creative dishes honour ingredients. Flavour and textures work together in the most vibrant and light recipes. Among them are MOMO’s signature dishes like the black cod with spicy miso, and the MOMO roll with tuna, salmon, sea bass, avocado and tarragon miso.

MOMO was the first restaurant to be signed with Eliyahoo’s signature 360-degree bar. Award-winning bartenders create classic and inventive drinks each with their own story, and an ever-changing cocktail list always manages to surprise. The unique design with timeless appeal of BK Architecture completes MOMO’s contemporary status as an urban-chic haven for an international and metropolitan crowd.

MOMO throughout the years
The story of MOMO is one of dedication and imagination. From its opening MOMO has constantly been moving, constantly improving, but never changing its true nature of timeless quality and creativity. This imaginative soul turned out to be the breeding ground for some inventive extensions to the MOMO experience: the MOMO lifestyle book turned into a true collectors item by capturing MOMO’s story in the breathtaking pictures made by Dan Perez, where the oak Sushi Box allows patrons of the restaurant to create a MOMO meal in the comfort of their own home. It was this inventive nature that turned MOMO into an award winning concept and bar.

Eliyahoo’s debut changed Amsterdam hospitality, leading into the creation of IZAKAYA, The Butcher, THE DUCHESS, MR PORTER and many other concepts of The Entourage Group that have proceeded to reinvent hospitality in cuisine, as well as in design and concept. MOMO was a gastronomic pioneer, is a gastronomic pioneer and will always continue to be so.