IZAKAYA, a culinary hotspot in Amsterdam and authority in the Asian gastronomy, has taken the traditional Japanese dining experience to a higher level with extravagant Japanese cuisine with a South American twist and high-quality cocktails.

In the middle of the vibrant area “De Pijp”, located at the foot of the Sir Albert boutique hotel, IZAKAYA offers pure relaxation and indulgence in an ‘urban chic’ ambiance. International serial-entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo of the renowned ENTOURAGE GROUP is the inspiring brain behind the innovative Asian Kitchen & Bar. Executive Chef Hariprasad Shetty composed a sophisticated menu of a variety of small, unconventional dishes and specialties of the Robata grill; always daring the guest to try something new.

Traditional techniques are combined with IZAKAYA’s unique signature, with spectacular dishes as a result.