The Entourage Group

THE ENTOURAGE GROUP is an unrivalled hospitality empire, renowned for creating internationally acclaimed food and beverage concepts across the world.

Their wide range of expertise has been cultivated extensively through years of hospitality management, operations and fine dining experience. Owners and founders Yossi Eliyahoo and Liran Wizman, along with the group’s managing director Stephanie Pearson, inspire THE ENTOURAGE GROUP to continually set the new standard for modern hospitality. The currently owned portfolio includes MOMO, IZAKAYA (Amsterdam, Hamburg and Ibiza), THE BUTCHER (four locations in Amsterdam, THE BUTCHER Berlin and THE BUTCHER On Wheels), SHIRKHAN, MR PORTER, THE DUCHESS and MAD FOX club Amsterdam. The upcoming restaurants include THE BUTCHER Ibiza, IZAKAYA (Munich and Milan) and THE DUCHESS Milan.

Due to the success of the group, founder Yossi Eliyahoo was awarded ‘Hospitality Entrepreneur of the Year’ in the prestigious Entrée Hospitality Awards 2015.

Currently operating properties include MOMO Amsterdam, IZAKAYA Amsterdam, IZAKAYA Hamburg, IZAKAYA Ibiza, THE BUTCHER Albert Cuyp, THE BUTCHER West, THE BUTCHER on Wheels, THE BUTCHER Berlin, THE BUTCHER Nine Streets, THE BUTCHER Social Club, THE DUCHESS Amsterdam, MR PORTER, MAD FOX Club and SHIRKHAN. Upcoming properties include THE BUTCHER Ibiza, IZAKAYA Munich, IZAKAYA Milan and THE DUCHESS Milan.

The Founder - Yossi Eliyahoo

 “As a creative concept developer, I envision and feel the places I design before they actually exist. I always create places that suit the locals, but try to offer them something new at the same time. It’s extremely important to get to know the market; you can’t ignore a city and its people’s heritage. I love to develop something from the roots and pay attention to every tiny detail. Every aspect has to be captured by the same language.”

“I’m not creating restaurants, I’m creating experiences.” Yossi Eliyahoo, Founder & Co-Owner of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP.